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Helmi Nieminen b.1997, FI

I’m a visual artist currently based in Helsinki. My works can be described as autobiographical and playful. Through different materials I react and reflect on daily observations and feelings which are blended with my own imagination. The animals and other creatures that recur in my work are critical and have their own rules. They help me to question societal norms and navigate through this world. My works are often results of an intuitive working process. Bright colors and different textures are an essential part of my practice. Through my installations I construct alternative realities and invite you to a space of sensitivity, honesty and imagination.

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Upcoming exhibitions ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

9.8-27.8.2023 Earthbound Lovers, k17, Sipoo



2018-2022 Royal Academy of Art The Hague, BA Fine Arts


Group Exhibitions

2023 I saw a Sun crawling on my bed, I saw the Sun growing two wings, Trixie, The Hague

2022 BA degree show Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 

2022 Playing House, The Hague

2021 As is Where is, Verheeskade 321, The Hague

2021 Untitled, Maakhaven, The Hague

2020 Dharma initiative Episode 4: Greenhouse, Vantaa

2019 The Little Big Doll House, The Hague

2018 HEO spring exhibition, Koko Theater, Helsinki



2019 Where Is Sally, Self-published zine, The Hague

2019 Lizzy, Self-published zine, The Hague

Other publications

2022 Kissa, Apinalinna vinyl cover art, Helsinki  

2022 Libero magazine, illustrations, Helsinki 

2018 Ante Noveau Issue no. 1, Helsinki


2022 9/12 Sähinä Residency


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Instagram @helmi_justiina  

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